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Renting a car should be an uncomplicated process, so we aim to make it as easy and straightforward as possible. There are three simple steps involved in securing your perfect rental car:
Browse our comprehensive range of meticulously maintained vehicles.
Once you find the car within our expansive fleet that best suits your needs, just select it.
Then all you need to do is provide us with the necessary details to secure your online booking.
Welcome toBest Buy
car Rentals

Welcome to Best Buy Car Rentals. We are part of the widely recognised Best Buy Auto Group that has been a highly successful organisation in the car industry for over 25 years, recognised for outstanding customer service and incredible value motor vehicles. We are expanding our already thriving business by diversifying into the Car Rental Business.

What can you expect from us?

Throughout our years of dealing with the public, we have built a solid reputation for exceptional customer service and quality vehicles at affordable prices. At Best Buy Car Rentals, we are determined to continue this trend and bring the same high level of care to this avenue of our rapidly growing business.

We care for our fleet of vehicles as much as we care about providing the best experience we can for our clients. You are assured that all of our rental cars are brand new, and so they will be regularly serviced by our highly trained professionals. This level of attention means you can rest assured that you will be driving away with style, comfort and most importantly, peace of mind! If you would like to browse our broad range of rental vehicles online, just click here. Otherwise, please feel free to visit us for a face-to-face in our store to see the cars in person.

Benefits of Best Buy Car Rentals
Whether at home or work, we understand it's not always easy to pick up the phone while juggling your daily duties so this website acts as our very own hard-working virtual receptionist to make the rental process every bit easier for you.
  • Huge range of modern rental cars
    Our fleet contains brand new and regularly serviced vehicles.
  • 25 years experience in the Auto Industry
    Our extensive knowledge is at your disposal.
  • No hidden charges or fees
    Know what a Best Buy rental is going to cost you upfront.
  • Exceptional Customer Service
    We have made customers happy for over two decades.
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